Client: Emmanuel Junior Zuza, PhD Researcher, School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, The Open University.

Brief: Create an illustrated infographic showing the stages of development of the macadamia tree from flowering through to ripened nut for use as part of PhD research into smallholder macadamia farming in Malawi.

Testimonial: “It was fantastic and an absolute pleasure to work with Vicky.  Not only is she well organized but also has the passion for illustration.  When we began the plans for this illustration, Vicky highlighted that she had never seen a macadamia tree or flower before. However after sharing with her the pictures and answering some of the questions she had and what I wanted, the end result was a great piece.  I must say I believe this is the first high resolution macadamia illustration I have seen this far.  I am very pleased with the work she has done and believe this will be of great value to the macadamia industry and my thesis.  I can therefore recommend Vicky for your work. PS you wont be disappointed!”

Emmanuel Junior Zuza, PhD Researcher, The Open University
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