Commissioning SciArt and Illustration

Interested in commissioning impactful visuals to increase engagement with your environmental project or research to make your story memorable? Not sure how to go about it? Let me show you how I can help. This visual summary explains how I can help you whilst demonstrating how effective they can be.

Contact me to talk about your ideas at

Visual summary outlining the process of commissioning SciArt illustration with Vicky Bowskill.


It’s important to actively consider the accessibility of any communication material to make sure your messages are as inclusive as possible. These are a few ways that I make sure these visuals can reach a wide audience. If you have other particular needs in mind I’m very happy to explore these with you as we define your project details.

  • Text: I limit the number of different script styles and keep text mainly on the horizontal unless it’s visually useful to break from that. This can help neurodivergent readers.
  • Contrast: I never use black on white text, which can be difficult for dyslexic readers, but maintain sufficient contrast for other visual impairments.
  • Colour: I use a limited colour palette and avoid highly saturated colours behind text as this can overwhelm autistic readers. And I never rely on colour alone to convey meaning, which can disadvantage colour blind readers; it should still make sense in greyscale.
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