I’m Vicky Bowskill, a scientist, writer, illustrator and surface pattern designer, inspired by my PhD research into floodplain meadows at the Open University.

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I’m currently a part time PhD researcher at the Open University studying the sustainable management of floodplain meadows. I’m examining the influence of management strategies such as well-timed haymaking to find the best balance for nature-friendly farming and biodiversity conservation.

Prior to this, I studied part time for my BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences with the Open University between 2012 and 2018, whilst working full time in volunteer management and volunteering at the weekends with socialised wolves.

When not sciencing, I’m a writer, illustrator and surface pattern designer, creating unique visuals to communicate and celebrate our precious natural world. You can find some of it on this site and more over on my Instagram feed. I’m available for select commissions and you can find some of my designs for sale over in my Shop.

Awards and recognition

Open University poster competition 2021
Hay Days project poster
People’s Choice Prize and Judge’s Choice: Best use of imagery

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Art & Craft Competition 2021
Forever Meadow: a poem

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