I’m Vicky Bowskill, a PhD researcher at the Open University. On this site I post content about, or inspired by, my research into the sustainable management of floodplain meadows.
Views are my own.

I joined the Open University in October 2019 as a full-time research student looking at the sustainable management of floodplain meadows. I’m examining the impact of management strategies, such as hay cutting date, on both crop quality and yield, and the implications for nature-friendly farming.

Prior to this, I studied part time for my BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences with the Open University between 2012 and 2018, whilst working full time in volunteer management. I also have a background in Countryside Access and learning and development.

When not sciencing, I’m a writer, illustrator and maker, with most of my work currently being inspired by my meadow research. You can find some of it on this site and more over on my Instagram feed.

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